Hang Gliding Lessons

Intro Hang Gliding

Muller Windsports Ltd is Western Canada's Largest Free Flying School and has been in operation since 1971. Our focus has always been creating knowledgable and safe pilots that will enjoy the sports of Paragliding and Hang Gliding for many years to come. 

Our Introductory courses include a Friday evening ground school at Muller Windsports Shop and Saturday Mornings outside in the City of Calgary to get time on the gliders. We use the Sunday Morning as a Bonus or Weather day if needed.

Programming is through the University of Calgary Outdoor Program Centre. 

Hang Gliding is the simplest form of flying—it's almost like having wings on your back. Lessons with our experienced instructors consist of an evening lecture to cover flight theory and logistics, and 4 hours of practical flight training in a city park. You'll start with short, low flights and as your skill and comfort level increases, you’ll gradually progress up the hill to higher take-off points and longer flights. It's safe and fun.

Hang glider launch

2022 Dates for Novice Hang Gliding

April 22, 23 and 24

May 13, 14 and 15

June 9, 10 and 12

August 26, 27 and 28

September 29, October 1 and 2

October 13, 15 and 16


Our More Airtime Hang Gliding Course picks up where the Into course left off.  We will begin with a review of  some of the basics covered in the Intro course and then progress your flying skills, increase your pilot knowledge and of course up your Airtime.  Take the next step toward increasing your hang gliding skills and beginning to fly on your own.  We will start on similar city hills as the intro course and as your skills dictate, progress to launching from the tops of those hills and moving to higher hills which will allow for More Airtime.

 The course consists of 2 evening classroom sessions and 4 weekend morning practical flight training days. 

 The course includes:

  • Use of all flying equipment - hang glider, harness, helmet
  • Hang gliding aerodynamics and flying skills textbook
  • Logbook - to log all your flights 
  • HPAC H1 Student written exam
  • Skills covered in this course:
  • Setup/breakdown procedures and pre-flight check
  • Perfecting wings level takeoffs and target landings
  • Correcting turns to maintain a heading
  • Appropriate airspeed and flying speeds for  various maneuvers 
  • Progressing to using a prone harness
  • Knowledge topics covered in this course:
  • Aerodynamics of  hang gliding - air speed, ground speed, wind speed, glide ratio, flying speeds, 
  • Meteorology - weather as it applies to flying a hang glider
  • Transport Canada aviation regulations

Prerequisite: Intro Hang Gliding Course

Cost:  $650 

A $100 discount is offered to students who sign up for the More Airtime Course within a week of completing the Introductory Hang Gliding Course.