Winter/Summer/Winter/Summer = Spring

That is how it has been this spring.  The fluctuations between winter and summer conditions have been more drastic than I can remember.  From +18 one day to below zero and snow the next.  So the answer then, is to fly on the +18 degree days.  If you were flying on these days you have had an amazing start to the soaring season.


Latest Logbook

On Easter Saturday Kevin dusted off the Gentle Giant and Jordan, Matthew B and Larry all had their first flights of the season.  Kevin said this is the driest spring he has seen for years. 


April 11, Trennon, Matthew L and I hit the training hill in town to shake off the winter rust.  The next day We head to Infinity to take advantage of the warm weather  and get in 4 tows each.  Kevin is able to work a thermal for 1000' gain.  The thermals are back!


April 15, Kevin, Larry, Jordan, Matthew B and I head to the tow road.  Kevin stays up on his first tow and doesn't come down for an hour and half.  Larry also finds the lift and stays up for 1:20.


April 17, Season Opener for  Infinity.  Warm and   sunny with a steady breeze.  The total number of tows was 45 and 9 pilots flew.  Matthew Low was hungry for airtime and took 10 tows!  Trennon was the best at finding lift and stayed up almost an hour.  Thanks for the video Jesse!  Awesome day!  Thanks Kevin!


Tandem and solo tows at infinity - YouTube


April 21, Larry, Kevin, Matthew B, Matthew L headed for the tow road.  It was a clear blue sky day and very light wind so we decided to attempt a 25 km triangle.  Matthew L got in a couple tows and then Larry gave it a try.  He worked some lift for a bit but couldn't find enough to stay up.  I was up next and got a line break at 1500'.  I am instantly in lift and start looking for the core.  After a lot of circles I topped out at 8000 feet and I was a couple kilometres behind launch.  Thinking the triangle might be harder than we anticipated with the upper level winds pushing 20 kmh.  I decided to try for the first turn point anyway and fly straight into the headwind.  My glide is decent with the T2 and VG on but I'm not going to make it to the turn point. 


At 1000' off the deck I hit another thermal and climbed to 9000'.  I glided straight for the turn point and got it but didn't have enough height to search for more lift and landed just past the first turn point.  First XC of the season!  While I was packing up Kevin came over at 300' desperately searching for lift but landed in the next field over.  It took me two thermals and 1:20 hr to get the turn point and Kevin only one thermal and he got there in 50 minutes.  A difficult task given the upper level winds but an awesome day soaring!  Thanks for the vid Matthew L.