Update from Cochrane Hill/Muller Windsports

First things first. We are going to have to Cancel the trip to Clearwater for the long weekend in May. We have held on as long as possible but things are just not changing quick enough. There are still many reports of cars being vandalized with Alberta Plates and oh yeah the government is still telling us to stay home. There will be NO Restaurants or Hotels or Campgrounds. So that makes traveling difficult to say the least. So I guess we plan for September Long Weekend and hope for better times. Sorry.
Now on to more of the same. At this point the hill at Cochrane or Muller Windsports is going to remain closed for all flying related activities till June 1. Hoping we can see something or some plan for some flying then.
At this point we are not likely to be able to teach till a later date. The issue for the school is of course impossible to teach and social distance. We also have zero ability to disinfect the Helmets, Gliders and Harnesses. The City is still shut down for all activities relating to our teaching of students till at least June 30th but more likely September is the rumours. We are trying and wanting to do our best but it's frustrating for all. We will open the School and the Hill as soon as possible without jeopardizing our Business Licence to do so. Please be patient and continue to do your best to make this situation go away sooner than later. Stay healthy and fit so you are ready when we are.


Muller Windsports Staff