Reserve Clinic Sunday March 8/2020

Dear Pilots and Soon to be Pilots:
Hope the winter season has been going well for you all but its time to start thinking about Spring finally. We at Muller Windsports are getting ready for the upcoming season and of course that means time for the Annual Reserve Clinic and the Annual Instructors Course.
The teaching season will start again in early April with courses in both Paragliding and Hang Gliding. All Intro courses will still be run through the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre / Active Living.
The first thing to start the season will be the Reserve Clinic. This Clinic is for all Pilots with equipment or without. We run this clinic as a way for the pilots to get together and go over their equipment before the season starts and to make sure they understand the proper uses. Each pilot will have the opportunity to hang from the simulator with their equipment and go through the steps of a reserve deployment. All successful attempts will then be repacked back into the harness to hopefully not be seen again till the next clinic. With the pilots that have some difficulties we will quickly repack or make changes so a proper deployment sequence can be met. This clinic over the years has solved many issues for the pilots involved but we have also noticed fewer and fewer issues with equipment as the years have gone on. So lets keep on top of our equipment so any emergency can be dealt with correctly
John and Keith will also run a presentation to discuss the equipment involved and answer questions. 
Only the pilots who have attended the course before can practice before the presentation.
For Paraglider Pilots with Steerable Reserves those will be packed back at the shop during the week by Keith. And the cost is 80$ to be paid when you pick up your harness.
Where: Ecole Nouveau Monde – 220 Scenic Acres Drive NW 
When: Sunday March 8th/2019 at 9am - 2pm ( presentation at 10:00am )
Who: Pilots with their own equipment and anyone wanting to purchase equipment we will have reserves on hand for you to practice as well
Please Bring and Wear Clean Footwear to Keep Gym and Reserves Clean
Cost: 60$ cash includes Pizza Lunch
PLEASE RSVP Vincene at if you will be attending the clinic
The next event will be the Annual Muller Windsports Instructors Clinic coming up:
March 20,21 and 22 2020
Please consult with John or Keith if you need to renew or are interested in attending