OcTOWberfest 2020

OcTOWberfest 2020

We waited until the last day of October to hold OcTOWberfest and it was definitely worth the wait.  The weather was perfect!  The wind blew light south all day long and it felt relatively warm at plus 7.  This year's event was truly multi-wingual.  We had hang gliders, paragliders and we even had an airplane.  Over 30 people dropped in at one time or another throughout the day.  One pilot literally dropped in.  Paraglider pilot Guus from Kindersley, Saskatchewan decided to fly his single engine plane over and land in the field at Infinity Flight Park.  He went for a few tows on his paraglider then hopped in his plane and flew back to Saskatchewan.
Where's Waldo?  Thanks for the fun Martin M.

Everyone had two, three or four tows.  The winner of the target landing contest was Chris, again.  Congrats Chris!  Kevin flew a few tandems.  One with Chris's daughter Calee, on which he came to a stop right on the target.  However, I had to rule that the steerable wheel on the tandem glider was too much of an advantage so we couldn't give him the win.  We all had a good chuckle and all three of them got prizes.  Prizes supplied by Muller Windsports, thanks Vincene and Keith!  A really big thanks to Kevin for hosting the event at Infinity and doing most of the towing.  Thanks to Larry and Sandra who helped with the towing and didn't fly.  Thanks also to those who pitched in to retrieve the line, get pilots hooked up etc.  A day like this doesn't happen without people helping out.
  Martin P. ready to launch
Everyone who set up, flew and had great time.  It's not always about the big flights, it's just fun to be out flying with friends.  It was refreshing to see so many smiles on people' s faces, especially in this time of facelessness. 

John Janssen

Thanks for all the pics Scott!

Guus's Ride

Zach flies tandem with Kevin to 1700' step tow

Calee goes for a tandem with Kevin

Krista and Mike

flew till sunset

Paragliders packing up

Master Puppeteer Thanks Kevin!!!