**** MullerWindsports / Cochrane Hill News *****

Dear Students and Pilots
First of all we would like to thank everyone for their patience through all of this.
After much thought and discussion we have decided to OPEN the hill for flying activities starting the evening of Tuesday June 2nd 2020. This will not come without some expectations of everyone.
Of course the usual Flying rules will be in place like calling in NOTAM, etc.
Now for the extras.  We ask that you not gather in close groups for packing up or getting your gear ready. Pilots should prepare their gear along the fence that runs West to East from Vincenes house. Ground Handling for the PG’s should not be a problem as thats easily within the 2m separation zone. Now when it comes to helping out other pilots we ask that unless its a safety issue or the pilot asks for help please don’t touch each others equipment. Flying should be straight forward but lets all remember its been awhile since most of you have not touched your gliders never mind actually flying so lets start with a lot of caution as we get back. Get your Ground Handling on and get the feel back before rushing out into the sky.
On the nights where Instruction is happening there will be a table in front of the shop with Anti Bacterial supplies for disinfecting your hands. The outhouse will be Open for use but we ask only one person at a time….hahaha.
We just ask the Certified Pilots to BEHAVE as we don’t want to have to refuse people if it gets too busy. Also please leave the entourage down eating Ice Cream and not bring them up onto the hill for now.
Now the fun begins. We will not be teaching any Intro courses for the time being as the City Parks for permits is still not open. Hoping we can start that up again in August but only time will tell on that.
As for the Novice/Intermediate Paragliding Courses run on the hill in Cochrane we will start up again with the first session possibility being Evening of June 2nd. We will have to run things different of course. We will have a Max. of 7 Students per session based on a first to register system. The Registration will happen Online every scheduled day at 4pm at www.cochranehill.com. The way it will work is we will open the registration on the sessions based on weather. You will not be able to put your name down in advance of each session. Example if you would like to come out Saturday evening you will not be able to put your name down till Saturday at 4pm. If you would like to come Saturday morning you will need to put your name down Friday at 4pm. Now if there is no Slot to put your name down it means I have closed the session due to Weather or 7 students have beat you to it. We are very sorry to have to restrict but space and minimizing the amount of Instructors is key for now.
For equipment when you first come out we will size you for a helmet and that helmet will remain yours for all sessions with your name on it. As for the Paragliders and Harnesses we will have to ask you to disinfect your hands before we start each session and so do our best to make sure you are the only one using that equipment. We will do our best to not share within a few days.
We will run the School Tuesday through Saturday evenings and Tuesday through Sunday mornings, of course based on weather.
As for the teaching aspect we have decided to obviously not compromise on safety so that will be done the exact same as it always was. As for Ground Schools they will need to be dealt with at a later date and may even need to wait till the Fall Session. Our goal is just to get everyone going and see how it goes. If you register for a session and don’t come then you will lose you registration privileges if it continues to be a problem. Don’t take a spot away from someone else if you can't come. 
Registering for an Novice/Intermediate Session:
Then proceed to www.cochranehill.com . Website is under construction but will be live by June 2nd.
Password is: 2020Student
There will be 2 buttons one for that evening and one for the next morning.
Then type your name and hit Submit and you're done.
I will write what time you should meet at the hill in the Comment Section. Evenings between 5:30 and 6 and mornings at 8am is the norm
All other question you can phone (403)932-6760 or email fly@mullerwindpsorts.com
Please show up ready with Water and dressed appropriately for flying ( Clothing Layers, Hiking Style Shoes, Long Pants )
Please maintain patience as everyone starts to get back into being outside as some people deal with the stress of this differently than others.
Lets have some fun
Muller Staff