Muller Windsports Statement on Covid-19 Situation

Dear Students, Prospective Students and Customers

We at Muller Windsports just want to start off by saying we hope you and your families are weathering the storm and staying healthy together.

The Muller Windsports Shop in Cochrane is still open for shipping out products at this point so OZONE KITES Shipments are not affected as of now.

At this point Vincene, John and Keith are playing the Self Isolation Game. We have decided to CLOSE the shop for visits until a later date, what the date is we do not know. 

The UofC Outdoor Centre has let us know they have cancelled all Outdoor Programs for now with no date for reopening or scheduling. We will follow that plan for now as well. Muller Windsports will not be teaching any courses till after April 14/2020. On April 1/2020 we will make a further decision to what our plan is based on the information we have at that point. 

So for now we ask for your patience in waiting for things to hopefully settle so we can start our season in April as we have done for the last 45 years. 

The Cochrane Hill is OPEN for flying for Certified Pilots but we ask that you maintain Social Distancing Space and of course pack up outside. We Do Not Know how long flying at the hill will be possible because if our Healthcare Systems become taxed, we may close due to the rare potential of an accident occurring.

Muller Windsports will do our best to get back to normal activities ASAP but of course not all of it is up to us.

So in closing please do your best to lessen the impact for everyone so we can move on to more positive life sooner rather than later.

Be Well

Keith MacCullough

John Janssen

Vincene Muller