Hang Gliding Spring Flying

Those that have been able to get airborne this spring have been rewarded with great soaring conditions.  Larry put together a little video compilation of our efforts launching off the  pay-out-winch near Drumheller.  Awesome scenic soaring over prairie farmland and the Red Deer River drainages.  Thanks for putting it together Larry!

Check it out here: 


On one of these flights Kevin and I decided to attempt a triangle flight because we had virtually no wind on the ground.  The forecast showed a south wind switching to north.  On Kevin's tow I could tell, by the pressures on the winch, that there were some significant winds aloft.  When I launched, Mike dropped me right in a thermal off the end of the tow.  As soon as I released from the tow line I continued to climb.  Check out my track log on this link.


That first thermal was a good starter and it was obvious from the drift I would not be attempting a triangle.  I topped out low (if that makes sense).   I needed something better if I was going to go anywhere. 

The week prior I had found good lift over the Carbon Cemetery.  Kevin always says graveyards have good lift above them from the spirits going up.  So I flew over to the cemetery again and just like the week before, up I went.  Not ready to take the elevator to the top floor just yet I got out at about 8 grand.  I cruised over Carbon for a closer look and then headed for some clouds that were turning a bit dark on the bottom.  They provided the best lift of the day and they did have me heading for their edges.

After leaving those I wandered aimlessly along HWY 9 looking for lift in all the wrong places.  Finally, I stumbled into decent lift to keep drifting downwind.  I checked out Rosebud and the Rosebud River drainage.  With all the clouds shrinking, I hit a couple more bits of lift before looking for a landing field.  A most enjoyable 2 hour, 45 km flight over beautiful countryside.

We have also had some great soaring conditions at Infinity this spring.  Here are a couple links to Matthew L.  launching off the dolly for the first time and his first taste of thermaling.  Thanks Matthew.





Forecast is looking promising for this weekend.  Let me know how it goes and be sure to get in some warm-up flights if you haven't flown this season yet.  Remember you need to be a current HPAC member and you need to have a "20" sticker on your helmet to land at GEAR.  Contact Keith at keith@mullerwindsports.com  to get one.   He will be out there this weekend but it is best to make arrangements prior by email.

Summer is here.  Enjoy.

Happy Soaring!