Aviation Radio Licensing Course

Hi All,
Myself and Keith were talking recently about switching the gliding community away from HAM radios and over to the aviation band instead. The advantage being that the rating is significantly easier to obtain and allows us to communicate with the pilots sharing the airspace with us. For the many of us who fly in Golden, we are technically legally required to make calls in the mandatory frequency zone just below launch and the LZ (albeit no one has ever enforced this and likely never will unless there was a collision with an airplane). At its core, it would allow us to increase situational awareness and safety when we fly.


I work as a flight instructor which allows me to issue the ROC-A certificate (Restricted Operator Certificate – Aeronautical) and conduct the exam. This would allow you to talk on an aviation band radio while flying or running events. For anyone interested in obtaining that, I’ll be conducting a ground school and exam session at the Muller shop on May 30th at 7PM. Cost will be 45$ per person. We’ll start off by reviewing the study guide (RIC-21) and then talk about how to use the radio and interpret airspace specifically as glider pilots. After a quick break, we’ll write the exam and upon successful completion, I’ll submit the application. Let us know as soon as possible if interested as there will be some application paperwork to complete beforehand. Please review the study guide below beforehand (the exam is based out of that document) as well. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Jordan Pandarinath
Please send an email message to Keith if you will be attending as soon as possible.
Payment will be 45$ cash (100% to Jordan on the 30th)
Location: Muller Windsports Shop https://goo.gl/maps/XdyyrybtnJoRc54p9
Date: Monday May 30/2022 at 7pm
Keith, Jordan and John